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Killer B Subaru WRX / STi EJ25 High Capacity Racing

Oil Pan    $459 + shipping

The Killer B V2 Performance Oil pan is designed to reliably meet the demands of high performance

Subaru Engines used on street or track applications. Oil Pan holds an extra  1.4 quarts of oil,  +30%

increase in capacity over OEM. Optimal Oil Pan was designed to work with our Ultimate Oil Pickup

(OEM ones are known to break), but can be modified to work with the OEM pickup.

killer B Subaru WRX / STi Performance ULTIMATE Oil

Pickup $172 + shipping

This ULTIMATE OIL PICKUP  uses a .12” thick double bracket, 3X OEM oil

pickup tube thickness and a brace between bracket and oil pickup tube

to further strengthen the assembly. This is a super duty, engineered

solution. No other vendor has anything this rugged available, although

I’m sure it will be copied. You asked for it, so here it is. Specify EJ20 or EJ25


Killer B Subaru WRX / STi High Performance Oil Baffle /

Windage Tray  $78 + shipping

Features and Advantages of the Killer B Motorsport Windage Tray /

Baffle over the OEM piece.

• Closed rear section to prevent oil from sloshing into the crank under

hard acceleration and aggressive shifts.

• Block contoured profile to minimize oil returning from the heads

interfering with the crank.

• Directional louvers prevent oil in the pan from splash/sloshing into the


• Low profile design to control windage and strip oil from the crank

immediately to reduce oil “roping” on the crank.

• Improved oil entry to the pan/pickup to help prevent oil starvation.

• Made from stainless steel for long life, durability and corrosion


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