818 Donor Pallets 

All the parts pulled from a 2002-2007 WRX for your 818 build. 

We have donor kits from 2002-2007 WRX's.
It comes with everything you need out out of the donor car needed to complete the 818. 
The major list is engine, transmission, lower suspension arms F&R, spindles F&R, harness, ECU, dash gauges, radiator, steering column, steering rack, and fuel pump. There are more little parts but you get everything you need. Everything is crated up and ready to ship to your door. Discounted trucking rates available and you can come by and pick up the pallet yourself to save the shipping.

The 02-05's are 2.0 L motors and the 06-07 have 2.5 L with bigger brakes. The 06 comes with aluminum control arms but can be added to any of the donor packs for $360. 
I have one 07 donor, one 04 and one 03 in stock now
07 with 77,xxx miles for $8300
06 with 32,xxx miles for $8900 ( yes that is a donor with 32K mikes!)
03 with 118,xxx miles for $5800

All the parts are degreased and pressure washed and crated up.